Friday, October 29, 2010

Fable III Review

Fable 3 Trailer - E3 2010 -- Fable III Review

Fable 3 is here promising improvements from Fable 2
but is this Revolution worth fighting for?

you play as the hero from fable 2 who was the king of albion, he died but he did have 2 kids

a supposed evil tyrant who is basically harming everyone

yup you and its your job after leaving the castle to gain followers and overthrow him to become king
then your job is to rule as king your first step is to decide the fate of your brother
not knowing ultimately in the end there is a much greater evil and the world itself is at stake

the campaign was excellent filled with memorable characters epic moments and the choices over life death thriving completing and breaking promises you made and more

i will say this you will have to break some promises to save albion
though the story is predicable at times its still fun

Combat has been improved sense fable 2 its actually very fun to take down enemies
the campaign will last you around 12 - 16 hours at the most with good replay value [not counting side quests]
side quests pop up when you do other missions or make a friend
make a new friend the will have a quest for you to complete

of course jobs is the best way to earn money and its more of a challenge this time around making it funner
hit the targets matching the buttons on your controller to make a pie play a lute or even craft a sword
i found it cool how shops have discounts on some days and if your not exactly Rich those are jackpots

the new pause menu [the sanctuary] is awesome and jasper is funny [at times] its easy to work through and you can join a persons game

spells are improved sense you can 2 different spells at once in 2 hands which i love
my personal favorite is Shock and Blades
and doing some reversals are a good way of showing how awesome your character is

Truth be told this is the first fable game that i enjoy
fun combat plus the fact you feel very powerful as king when you become one
tough choices that have deep impacts on the world that make you think
interesting characters
good graphics
fable 3 is a must have
if you've never played a fable game, liked fable 2 or not this game can be enjoyed by anyone


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